About us

Initial sketch of Galana’s baby Gawa


I use many different mediums including oil paint, bamboo plywood, precious metals, and photography. I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style.


When I was in kid in Chicago, my favorite time of day was when I was able to draw and paint. As I got older, this love never faded and eventually, I went to college to study art and animation. I once thought of myself as a contemporary maximalist (don’t ask) but now I see my art as an extension of my experiences in the natural world, including the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area where I now live with my wife and travel partner, Sandy.

I enjoy exploring the world. Many of my pieces are directly influenced by the many places I’ve seen and what my wife refers to as “supernature.” I love recreating scenic vistas and wildlife in my work.

Meet the Team:

Passionate about travel, art, wildlife and the natural world — that’s us.

Keith Kaminski

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Enjoys travel, hummingbirds, baby and big elephants, golf, rhinos, giraffes and naps.

Sandy Jones-Kaminski

Co-founder, President, VP – Marketing

Enjoys travel, beach combing, chocolate, all elephants, rhinos, hummingbirds, giraffes and naps.

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